DAKINI - Legendary Pirate - BGE 2

Pascal ackermann clusup1 00000
Pascal ackermann american1 00000
Pascal ackermann pied 00001
Pascal ackermann closup 00000
Pascal ackermann grey beauty
Pascal ackermann rim1 00000
Pascal ackermann rim2 00000 00000

I'm glad to present this character done to benchmark our lookdev for BGE².
This character was presented at Zbrush Summit 2019.
That was a great event for us, we met so many greats peoples!
Artwork from Guillaume ARVIEU https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w8JO29
Sword, Hair's jewelry by Daurelia GAZEL https://www.artstation.com/daureliagazel
Gun by Martin PORTAIS https://www.artstation.com/martin_portais

October 8, 2019